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German Preteen Stories Vol 2

German Preteen Stories Vol 2 Chilling Audiobooks for a Haunting Halloween. From the acclaimed author of Secrets of a Charmed Life . GERMAN PRETEEN STORIES VOL 2 Her father was German to begin with. That was only the first of many differences between the Brewster and Roberts families. The house in which Helga lived was enormous. It was right across the street from the Roberts’ house. But it was their mother’s house, which was, perhaps, the reason the family was there. Their mother was dead, and the whole brood were living with their great-aunt, who, though she was old and almost blind, still had her own bedroom and a collection of cats. The whole house was cold. No fireplaces, no stoves, just an air conditioner and a window unit. The stairs creaked eternally, and the kitchen sink was always filled with water, and never drained. The Brewsters were not a happy family. My father arrived in America in the spring of 1958, and within two days of my arrival, my mother divorced him. She soon married another man named Bob, and I was born in August 1959. As the years passed, the Brewster family grew and swelled with more children, but it was still cold in this cold house. The front yard of the house was directly in front of the Roberts’ house, and we often watched the Roberts’ family from our back yard. They were an older, and much happier, family. They only had one child. A daughter. She was thirteen years old. As I watched her, she always had a ball in her arms or a doll that she was tucking into a blanket, which was cold, in her arms. She had a little brother about four years older than she, and three sisters, one younger than her, the second a year younger, and the third about two and a half years younger than her. They all ran and played around her, and they were not afraid of playing hide and seek, for they knew that she could not find them. But I did. One day I came in to tell my mother that I had seen her hiding in the bushes, and I said, «You were in my yard,» and she scolded me. But we never were a family, even when my stepfather divorced my mother, so much as we were a group of isolated individuals, apart from the other children in the neighbourhood.

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